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GAME director and writer

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As a born-and-raised creative, I’ve spent the last 24 years honing my skill as a writer and have spent the last 2 years redefining my skills into a playable format while attending ACM, studying Business and Design in Game Development [BA Hons].

As someone who’s hardwired with a deep addiction to learning, I use all aspects of media to help tell stories the way they deserve to be told. Applying techniques from not only games, but Film, TV, Books and theatre. A Naturally sceptical person, the birth of my writing career came from a place of redefinition and esoteric speculation, with a deep fascination for Horror (Big up Mike Flanagan). Eventually, these obsessions with narrative began to expel themselves in the shape and form of Narrative Game design, Books, and Occasionally even song.

As a Writer, It is my utmost joy to delve into not only the realms of imagination, but also the human experience. Penning stories that are not just played, but felt. With a deep understanding and knowledge of Human Psychology, I tell stories that dive into darker topics, Genres with notes of horror, and a complete focus on the telling of feminine stories.

Halftone Pattern Illustration



Geometric shape outline

The “Exteriors” Beta-Release was hosted at Razer Store, Soho, London on the 6th of December 2023. Attending the event was the entire team of 12 who had worked on the project, A number of industry professionals and even the Head of Games at BAFTA.

With 10 Full Desktop set-ups complete with plenty of Razer peripherals, Attendees were able to partake in a first look at the game as well as leave some helpful notes on an early access testing questionnaire, which has aided us in continuing to nurture and improve the final game to the best of our ability.

As organiser of the event, I felt extremely humbled by all the fantastic feedback and the great vibes throughout the day.

“Exteriors” Is currently available to play in Itch.Io in it’s Beta Demo Stage.

Download and Play here:

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